Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 3, 2012
Soccer game gone bad:
This afternoon the boys invited me to play in their nightly soccer game with them instead of just watching like I have been doing. Fanfan and Allie played also. The game is serious. There is a Referee, equipped with yellow and red cards (yellow and red Connect Four game chips) and a whistle. The "field" we play on is just a open space, but the ground is so uneven and covered in giant rocks. I stubbed my toe, rolled my ankles, and tripped too many times to count. Since the boys play so competitively there is always kids on the ground, which results in blood because of all the rocks. The game was going good, I wasn't so good though. One of the boys even asked if i was playing, when I said yes he responded with "Oh, I didn't know, your not doing anything." Well thank you my kind child, glad my effort for this team is being recognized... anyways so the game went on. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere one boy started chasing this other boy, he was like a cheeta chasing prey. He was so fast and angry. The Ref and Fanfan broke it up and he got a red card, and thrown out of the game. We started to play again, and then like three other fights broke out like all at the same time. It was so crazy, I have never seen any of their games end up like this. It was total chaos. It was like a riot. So we ended the game because the teams got so small because everyone got thrown out of the game!

This evening all of us girls were sitting outside and the kids were in bed. Fanfan was out hanging out with us too. I finally got my phone so my mom called me. I answered it and started walking away from the table and i felt something on my foot. I looked down and there was a tarantula on my foot! I kicked and screamed so loud! Then i ran over to the bench and jumped up on it so fast! Fanfan ran over to it, he wound up and kicked it off the patio area. We were like "STEP ON IT! ITS GONNA COME BACK MAD!!" I was so freaked out. I stood up on the bench for about 15 minutes... then finally the girls convinced me to sit back down. Then Fanfan found a jumprope and snuck up behind me and put it on me like it was a spider.. I didn't like that too much.

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