Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 30, 2012
This morning as i was taking a shower, the window was open and all I heard was kids walking by singing praises to God. What a great way to start the day! (: Breakfast today didn't look to appetizing so I decided to sit that one out, especially after dinner last night..

I got my hair done again today. First over on the boys side, Andy gave me some braids, then the girls brushed and braided, and secretly put all the vaseline in it... They dont realize that i don't use that for my hair like them.. at least they had fun, so i dont mind.

Today the boys were asking me if i was married, and i if i only loved one person. I told them no. They said " You need Haitian?" I said "to marry?" They said "Yes are you looking for a Haitian to marry?" I said "No, i am only 17 i am not going to get married now!" They said "He (pointed to one of the other boys) is looking for an American girl to marry, you can marry him!" hahah

One f my favorite things about these kids is how protective they are of me. If one is doing something to me that I dont like or they think it could hurt me or they are doing something to my stuff the kids will say something before I can even say anything, or sometimes before I even notice. The children here have so much love it is unbelievable. They are so sweet!

Favorite here at Grace Village-
Singing- you never go more than a minute without hearing someone singing. I love that!
Headbands (game) - They look through all the cards, the first one to find the parrot and put it on their head wins. They think that is how you play because on te box there is a girl with the parrot card on with her hands in the air like she won.
Connect four- They are always playing it! And they love when i play with them because they beat me a lot.
Justin Bieber - Baby is the new thing. I have probably heard that song more times in the last few days than I have on the radio since it has been out. They love it and even when it isn't playing on the radio they sing it loud and proud like this - "Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohhh. Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohhh, dhfjdhiuewbdjcbiaw" It is so funny to listen to. 
Taking pictures- "Photo! photo!" and "Vid-ay-o"
Soccer- They are constantly kicking a ball around
Cards- They keep a deck (usually not all of the cards because they loose them or another kid took some of them) in their pocket at all times.
Hitting - If they dont like what someone is doing they hit them. Or throw rocks at them...
Hugging - They love hugs! (:
Tickling - all the time!!
God - The children are always praising God!
Nail Polish - It is all over the floors and tables, they always want to paint their nails, but if they dont like it they rub it off, or eat it off..
Hair Braiding - There is always a girl that is doing another's hair, or mine.
Helping - The kids always want to help each other or us.
Caring for each other - The children have such big hearts ad are so caring. They are so mature, if one of the kids needs help there is always one there to do so.
Laughing - They laugh at me trying to speak french to them, they laugh at me trying to speak english to them. They laugh at each other, they laugh at their selves. Their laughs are contagious! (:

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