Sunday, July 15, 2012

I woke up, got all ready. Then I had to wait, what felt like forever for Jean to be ready to go. We left at about 10:30, dropped Ericka off at the airport, then we ran errands all day. It felt like we drove all through the whole country. We FINALLY got up to Grace Village at about 5:00. We pulled up and all the kids came running up to the car with the biggest smiles on. I got out of the truck and was swamped with the precious kids I missed so much. I got so many hugs! They carried all my bags to my room for me. They all kept telling me "I missed you so much!" , "I love you so much!", "Are you good?", "We all prayed for you to be okay!" . Andy, my buddy told me "When you go to the guest house for a week, I cry for you. I miss you." It was the cutest thing! So for the rest of the night I just hung out, and enjoyed my time with my "family".

Friday: The team, and Dr. Sem came up to do medical checks on all the kids, to make sure they are all healthy and doing good. Nothing else exciting really happened. The kids from Titanyen came up for church after dinner.

Saturday: The team, and Dr. Sem came again, but this time they saw all the elderly. Jonas, would go pick them up, we would do the medical examine, give them some food and water, then he would bring them back and pick up more. One of them had a hat. It was dirty and falling apart, and he told us he needed a new one. I knew that we had a box of hats in one of the containers that we were going to donate. So I ventured over there to look for the box. I searched in there for about 20 minutes, sweating and all. I could not find the box anywhere. But I was determined, because we had them and I told him we would get him one "today". So I kept looking and finally found the box. Marie, who is 103 years old, wanted a hat. She LOVED it. She wore it the entire day, did not take it off once. She was so funny. Seeing all these people in our elderly program is a bittersweet feeling. It is so sad to see the conditions they are in, and what they go through. Knowing that most off all their health problems are easily fixable in the states, and they dont have access to anything like that here. It is so great though, that we are able to take care of them, keep them comfortable, and make sure that we are doing everything that we are able to do to stop whatever it is, or prevent it from getting worse. The man with Lepresy, Ofan, came and he was so happy. He was laughing and joking around with another guy. He was smiling and singing. To me seeing that was really hard. They were cleaning out his foot. He has only half his foot, due to this disease. It looks like someone just cut the first half of his foot off. You can see the bone sticking out, and there is kind of skin forming around it a little. I had to hold the bag of liquid, whatever they were using to clean it, so I was right there watching. That was really hard. It made me so sad. He is getting surgery sometime next week to prevent him from dying from that. Everyone please pray for him. After church I was hanging out over on the boys side. All of a sudden it was crazy. They were all saying that they didn't have clothes for church, a shirt, or pants, or shoes. So I gave a couple of them what we had left in the storage closet. More kept coming up to me saying they needed something. The problem was that we didn't have anything left. Either they all keep it in their bins and dont pu it in the laundry so it is dirty, or the ladies havent washed it yet. So it was a crazy rush to make sure everyone had clothes. Then it was the craziness of everyone trying to iron their clothes. The boys had towels laid down on their floors ironing on that. Then when they would set it down to fix their clothes they would leave it face down. They didn't understand that it would start on fire if they did that. They also didn't understand that the iron was hot because they kept touching it... I told them they would get burned but they didn't listen.. Eventually all the chaos wired down and there were just some of the older boys outside ironing on the boards. They are so awesome. There is one boy who takes care of all the little boys, he ironed all their clothes, made sure they all had something to wear and he did it perfectly. I just ove him, he is an awesome kid.

Sunday July, 15 2012:
One of the children from Titanyen at church this morning. She  was so so so adorable!!! 
Today I got up, got ready for church. Took some pictures with the kids, all dressed in their Sunday best. We had church. Then some of the boys changed from their nice clothes to their nicer clothes because one of our little boys mom died so they went to her funeral.  The Ammermanns moved into their house last night so they invited all us missionaries over for lunch. We had spaghetti. It was nice to have an American meal. Then I took a nap. I woke up, watched the boys nightly soccer game. Ally and I moved out of the room we were in, into another room. I had oatmeal for dinner. Went to the church service. All the kids from Titanyen came up again. It was a full house tonight. I even had to stand in the back because there was no room to sit. Then church was over, I made my rounds. Kissed all my babies goodnight, and told them I love them. I finally have internet (kinda) so I decided I should blog since it hasn't been working since I got back up here. Now I am going to go to bed. Bon Nwit.
                           Bradley all ready for church today! - I love him. He is so adorable. Always smiling(:                         

Ronaldo(: Another one of my buddies! I love him so much. Every time he sees me he walks up and gives me a big hug and says "I love you" . 
Gerno- He is an amazing kid! So awesome with the little boys. So responsible. So sweet!  (: 

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