Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Monday June 2, 2012
Today we had Pasta for breakfast, and Cereal for dinner. There was a big argument between two of the boys. One of them was jealous because I was talking to the other one, and when I was playing with one I wasn't playing with the other. I tried talking to both of them but communication is so hard! I took a nice nap. I realized how much I love this schedule. I can wake up early and have enough energy through lunch. After lunch is the kids rest time, so that is a perfect time for me to take a nap also, then i have enough energy to make it till bedtime!
After dinner Fanfan took some kids down to Titanyen to pray for some people. When he cam back he had a little boy with him. The boy had a small bag, the ones they use for food wrapped around his finger. The bag was full of blood. He was pumping water at one of the wells and he got it caught in there. We couldn't do anything to it because we dont have a nurse here. So Fanfan and I, and a couple of the older boys, along with the guard brought the boy to a clinic at another orphanage. Fanfan drove us there in his truck that has a front seat, and half a back seat. There were four boys in the back seat, squished in. I was in the front seat with the boy on my lap. In the bed of the truck was the little boys aunt, another little boy that was his brother or cousin, and the guard. The roads were treacherous. There was not one smooth stretch of road the whole way there. It was terrible. So we finally got there after driving through the middle of nowhere, passing some pretty sketchy things. The guy who was going to give the boy stitches told me he wasn't even a doctor or nurse. he is a psychologist... so he started working on the boys hand. He appeared to not really know what he was doing but he was able to sew up the bottom part. He couldn't sew the side because too much of the skin was gone so he couldn't pull it together enough. On the way home I had a 14 year old, and the boy on my lap. Driving over these crazy roads in a tiny truck with a grown boy on my lap was not the most comfortable thing, but it was a good experience!
When we got home the door outside to the hallway with my room in it was locked. Fafan went up to the  window to Ericka's room and said "Mrs. Ericks, you are the worst mother in the world. Your baby is outside and you locked the door. Im going to call 911!" And he went on, it was so funny. Then she finally woke up, because she was sleeping. She came and then he said I am hungry, I want some crackers. She said "I dont have any, but I will go see what I have." She came back with some beef jerky. She said "I want to try some to see if it's good, but i don't like beef jerky." She tried some and made a disgusted face. Fanfan said "Is it Stanky?! Should I throw it away?" Ericka said "No I just don't like it. You can eat it!" So he ate some then said he was thirsty. but he didnt have a  bottle to get some of the cold water so Ericka brought him one of the pre-bottled ones but it was warm so he went on about how he was going to call 911 on the worst mother in the world. Then we went to go get his bottle from his room and came back and said he needed something else to eat because some of the boys were still p and said "Give me beef!!" and took all his beef jerky. The only thing we had was some asian noodles. So we made them. Watching him eat them was hilarious! We took video!

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