Sunday, July 8, 2012

Saturday June 7, 2012

Today I got up, we went over to the guest house and ate breakfast with the team. One of the girls gave me some magazines to read, so I sat outside and read those. Then I came inside and and slept for awhile. I woke up because I heard Kathy and Natasha trying to get a gecko out of the house. Then he team came back so I sat outside so i could see the guys. Then I went back over to the other house and tried to shower. I cant get my foot wet so I sat on the edge of the tub, pointed the shower head at me and leaned back so i could wash my hair. Then i had to turn around so i could wash my other foot because it was so dirty from everything. It wasn't the same as a normal shower, and the floor had puddles all over but it was better than nothing! Then i slept again. I slept until dinner. We had spaghetti for dinner, and it was really good. Then Tori, Kathy and I played some card games. Then a pastor came to talk with some people staying here, he brought his 2 kids so they came inside to hang out with us. They were so funny. They were very solid well behaved children. The boy at a whole bag of popcorn by himself, it was so hilarious to watch him shovel it in. His sister would say things like "thats enough" "stop doing that" "he opens his mouth so wide to shove in a lot of popcorn!" It was just so funny! Then we made some bracelets and i made her a beaded cross. We asked them if they wanted some chocolate and she said no because of her weight. Then she was telling us that there were some mean girls at her school that make fun of her. She told us when they do that she tells them "God bless you" . That was the coolest thing to hear! She is 12 and she wants to be a doctor, and her brother who is 6 wants to be a pastor like their dad. Then their dad came in and said it was time to go, the little boy started crying saying that it was fun here, and that he didn't want to go! It was so cute! Then Tori and I played some more card games. Then Jean and the team were doing salsa outside so we went out to watch, and to hold the puppies. At about 11:30 I decided it was tome to go to bed, so I went over to the house got ready, took some more medicine, emailed with my family, and went to bed.

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