Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Monday July 9, 2012

Today We woke up, slept a little later than usual. We ate breakfast. Then Jean, Kathy and I went to see Dr. Sem. He cleaned my foot and then was saying that I need a Xray to make sure that there is no foreign objects in it, like broken pieces of glass. Then he proceeded to tell me that if there was I would have to have it reopened then they would dig around and get it out, then sew it back up. Yes, that would be great, as if the first time wasn't traumatic enough... But we got the Xray, and there was nothing in it. I was so relieved!! So after that we drove all around until we found a pharmacy, we got me some other medicine. Then Jean pulled over and parked on the side of the road. He said that the guys were going to wash his windshield, and that hw would be right back. He totally disappeared, and Kathy and I were left in the car with all the windows down, no keys, and about 5 guys around us speaking in creole to us. We got some of what they were saying. They wanted our clothes, they wanted money, they wanted my bracelets. Jean was gone for about 15 minutes. This is right after he was telling us that everyone wants his pretty girls (us) because we are white. At first it was fine but it started getting kind of sketchy but eventually he came back, and we were totally fine. It was an experience..that is for sure! Then he drove us back to the guest house. We ate some pizza, I took my medicines, then I took a nice long nap. I woke up and the team was here. We ate dinner. After dinner we went to te grocery store. It was so interesting. The workers were like following me around the store. Everyone wanted to know what happened to me, and if I was okay, and they kept telling me that they would pray for me, and they hoped I got better soon. One guy even asked for my phone number to "keep in contact". The numbers here are so long so I told him I dont know it , which was a good excuse not to give it to him, but true at the same time. So he asked if he could give me his. I said sure, why not. So he wrote all his info down on this card that was like a promotion for a dance club, he gave it to me, and told me that he would be waiting to hear from me.. Then at the checkout line the guy hit on all four of us girls, offered to make a baby with one of us, and then as I was waiting over by the wall  because I was done he came over to Jean and told him "I don't like white girls, but I like her and her broken leg". Then Tori was checking out and she was buying a electric bug zapper racket thing. First of all there was a picture of a baby on the package, which was crazy because a baby should not have one of those, and if any parent gives  their child one they are crazy. Then the guy took it out of the wrapper, he spit, and zapped his spit with it... It was so weird, but super funny!!
Today I learned how things work in this country. If you are white you are V.I.P. At the doctor there was probably about 50 people sitting around waiting, but because I am white and the Doctor knows me I didn't have to wait at all. Ii was nice because we would have been waiting for hours, but I felt so bad about it. I wouldn't have minded waiting, at least some. I am no better than any of them just because I am white, and they probably needed medical care more than me. But the same thing happened at the Xray place. And Jean even told us that that is how things work in Haiti. It makes me sad to think that I am someone coming into THEIR country and I am treated better than they are, just because I am white. I also heard that their theory is that the whiter your skin is, the closer you are to Jesus. That sounds so crazy to us, but that is how their culture sees white people.

Tuesday July, 10 2012
Today, I basically did nothing. I watched about 4 movies, and I slept a lot. We cleaned my foot. The nurse on the team cleaned it out super good, and she said it is getting better, and looks super good! So apparently all this laying around, which feels like torture is paying off because I am healing up correctly. For dinner we had pizza. And since it is Ericka's birthday, and a couple other people on the team have birthdays this week we had cake and ice cream! After dinner I skyped with my family for about 45 minutes. Then I talked to Grandma and Grandpa for awhile also. I ditched the crutches tonight too! That totally boosted my spirits because that means Im improving! 

Wednesday June 11, 2012

Today I woke up and my foot was feeling great! I could walk around without the crutches, and without pain and blood. We decided that tomorrow I can FINALLY go back up to Grace Village!! So today I was a good girl, and laid in bed watching movies and sleeping just like they tell me to, even though I was so bored. Then at about 1 I decided I was fine and I got up ad went over to Tori's house to visit her and Ericka. We watched the lady sew some dresses. Then we tried to fix some machines. (Well Tori did and Ericka and I kinda watched.) Then the Ammermann's came to visit! They are awesome people! They prayed over me then we visited for a little while, then they had to go. I can't wait to get up to Grace to get to know them better, and see how they work, and improve things to make everyone more connected and make things run more smoothly. I got to Skype with Uncle Dave, Anne, Hannah and the boys this afternoon. It was great to see them, and talk to them! Tonight for dinner it was a traditional Creole meal. Then I Skyped my family. After I packed up all my stuff because IM GOING BACK TO GRACE VILLAGE TOMORROW!!! (:

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