Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday July 1, 2012
Today I slept in a little, but not enough! Today was CRAZY! When I woke up it was basically already time for breakfast so I decided to skip breakfast and shower and get ready. Right when I walked out of the hallway I saw a boy at the gate and I heard “Haley, keys. I need shirt.” So I walked over to the boys side to get one of them a shirt and before i knew it there were about 15 kids in this tiny closet saying they needed a shirt also. So we got all that squared away then they were saying they needed pants and socks. Eventually we got the clothes situation squared away and I started to walk back over to the girls side to finish getting ready. I saw FanFan walking up and I was going to say “Good Morning” to him and he started sprinting in the other direction, I turned around and saw Guillame carrying Shatty, and everyone else running behind frantically. Shatty was having a seizure, and had been for the last 5-10 minutes. Her dad Kevin was on the phone with a doctor, trying to figure out what to do, and he decided he would take her to the hospital. We found out later in the day that while she was at the American doctor Kevin knew she had another one, then they brought her to the hospital and she had a third one there. The doctors told them it was something viral, and that there is no rush getting her back to the states. None of us believe that. Seeing Kevin break down, and in tears because there was nothing he could do to fix this was so sad. At church this morning, and tonight i said an extra prayer for them, everyone please keep them in your prayers as well. After they left everyone went back to getting ready for church. The kids from Titanyen came up, and also my friend James from Cite Solei. We had church, which was amazing and awesome with all the little kids sitting through a 2 hour service and  singing and praising like crazy! After, everyone hung out while the kids from the city ate a snack and the team left, then we had lunch at 12:30 which was crazy because lunch isn’t supposed to be until about 2, with a snack at 11 or 11:30. So we ate lunch, then we had rest time. I took a long nap, about 2 hours. Then i got up, and hung out with the kids for the afternoon. Then we gave snack, witch was chaotic because we ran out 3 times because the kids were lying to us saying they didn’t get one when really they did, and we didn’t want to not give them one if they really didn’t get one. After snack Wesly and Woody (Teenage boys who don’t live at Grace Village, but come up every morning and stay through church after dinner) brought John, and I to their where they live to see it, and to meet their families, on the Kuboda. It is so crazy to see. I think to myself that the kids at GV do not have that much stuff, but then I see how these families are living and they have basically nothing, but yet all of them are so so happy and kind and generous. It makes me sad to think that in the states people think that if they don’t have “stuff” they cannot be happy. The people of Haiti are living proof that that is totally not true. Junior, a 17 year old boy who has no parents and was living  alone, on the streets, some days with out food. And also he wasn’t going to school until he came here. Junior doesn’t officially live here but has been staying here for about  2 weeks. When we got back from seeing where they lived Junior wanted to show us where he grew up, which was with his cousin. His cousin used to be a mechanic at the airport but after the earthquake eh lost everything and hasn’t worked since because he cannot find a job. They have basically nothing. The boys with us were going to buy something on the way home. They drove us all around the city on the Kuboda with Emilie and Wesly bouncing around in the back, John, Junior and I all squished in the front on a seat made for 2, and Woody was hanging off the side. They were driving crazy. We almost hit 3 chickens, 1 dog, we scraped up against the wall, since i was on the edge i got smacked with about 3 tree branches, we almost hit 2 girls walking, and motorcycle. On top of all that, on the way back up to Grace Village, there is a pretty steep hill we have to go up. They tried to switch gears half way up but it got stuck so we started rolling back down. They just looked around and me and Emilie are screaming and yelling “HIT THE BREAKS!!!” eventually they did and we made it back, not so safe and sound though... Dinner tonight was bag of puff corn, some got 2 bags but not all of them, and a little can of condensed milk, or coffee creamer we don’t really know. The label said “Good in Coffee, tea, baked good, and more.” They opened them by stabbing a hole in them with a giant knife, and they gave them to the kids like that, and half of them were sour... these poor kids. After dinner we had a service, then everyone went to their rooms and relaxed and went to sleep. 

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